The name Snake Eyez is an acronym for S tay N ormal A nd K eep E arning E mpower Y ourself Expect Z Ero.

“Snake Eyez” (MC-songwriter), born in Jakarta, Indonesia and raised in the Netherlands, has worked with artists and producers as “Firewoodz” (Fair tone records), “Nick Nunez” (Dizzy punch recordings), “Digitzz” (Topnotch/Nouveau riche) “Geoffy G” (blackstar recordings), “Marino Marello” (Don DaDa) to name just a few.

All The way from the Far East, “Snake” grew up in one of the oldest city in the Netherlands: Nijmegen. His love for music started back in Indonesia at March, 1983(the birth). As a baby his mother sung to him continuously while rocking his cradle. As to this day he can still remember her soothing tunes. Before his birth she used to sing in a choir and quite often she sneaked out of her house (her father not knowing) with the help of her mother to perform random gigs to find her fortune and fame.

By an unexpected turn, Snake’s mother fell in love with his father and became pregnant of their first child (Snake’s brother) they both had to settle and give up her dream. After having their 2nd child (snake eyez) they have decided to emigrate from Indonesia to the Netherlands in hope for future and wealth. Growing up as a normal kid and taking care of his younger sister (both parents work) he knew that one day he would do something with music.

Learning more and more about the hip hop culture, “Snake Eyez” got sucked in and obsessively started to live, sweat, bleed and breathe for hip hop.

In his own way he is trying to realize a dream that his mother once started…

His first-ever rap crew was named SOLOUD. A rap-formation of 9 skillful emcees (all from a different country) who each bring a unique sound to the table. During the process, Snake and another Soloud member started they’re own crew called Deadly Vision. 6 mc’s with real raw old school hip hop flavours.

Years later Snake finally managed to finish his school (international event music entertainment studies) and felt he was ready to build up his solo career with the intention to finally make his own sound. With the help of Nick Nunez, Head CEO at Dizzy Punch Music and Firewoodz (sponsor), they all started to focus on his sound.

During the time he needed to get an extra income on the side.. Together with Tunes (former TLD artist) they did rap workshops at different random schools so they could maintain and simultaneously work on their own music.

Carrying a unique sound and vision, “Snake Eyez” is unanimously one of the most intriguing promising and versatile upcoming act from Europe, with great international potential.